The Five Bay Trail is a scenic, 2.5 day, 28km coast hugging hike between the West Coast Fishing villages of Paternoster and Jacobsbaai. It is made up of three legs connected through a series of transfers and marvellous interactions with local folk over meals. Guests are accommodated in a 3-4 star comfortable lodge in Paternoster for 2 nights.

The route follows the beach and existing tracks adjoining a series of five scenic bays between Paternoster and Jacobsbaai. The first leg on Day 1 is a gentle sunset walk along Paternoster beach. The second leg on Day 2 is a 15km hike from Paternoster to Trekoskraal. The third leg on Day 3 is a 13km hike from Trekoskraal to Jacobsbaai.

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