Dianne Heesom-Green lives and works in the small fishing village of Paternoster.  Inspiration for most of her work comes kayaking at sea and observations of life. She studied art in Natal, majored in Sculpture and qualified HDE Art.  After living and working in Johannesburg, England and America within the computer industry, she settled back in Cape Town in 1995 and began working in clay. From her busy studio The Potting Shed Cape Town, she taught until moving to Paternoster in 2005 and opened Stone Fish Studio. Stone Fish Studio has moved next door into 'die ou stoor'. Up the hill, before the Hotel in Paternoster.  The building is a beautiful old lady. Built in 1863, the dry stone building was a mill, then served as the village bioscope and then as storage for the Paternoster Fisheries.

Limited Editions, a Western Cape based company with many years of experience in the field of fine-art reproduction and print. Solely dedicated to the publication of high quality prints using the latest technology available,  using  archival inks on canvas or cotton-rag papers. We have selected galleries that offer themed prints with both contemporary and historical images. Limited Editions  has opened @ the gallery in Paternoster

He draws his inspiration from his immediate surroundings, the people and especially the children in Paternoster, reflected in colours that are unique to his own style. Wilko Jacques Christiaan Roon, the youngest of three sons, was born in 1983 in Pretoria. Wilko performed well at school and like his two older brothers, was a top art student. After school hours his interest was cycling and he performed exceptionally well in down hill and cross country racing. On his way home, after a training session when he was in Grade 9, a car crossed the road and caused a devastating accident. After 2 months in a coma, partially being paralysed, with brain injuries, double vision, apraxia and bone fractures, Wilko started a long process of rehabilitation. Resulting from this rehabilitation he renewed his interest in art. In 2003 he moved with his parents to Paternoster in the Western Cape and there in 2006 started painting for the first time. A well known artist, Jan Visser, influenced him a great deal and combined with continuous encouragement and comments from his father, Wilko started to establish his own style. Since 2007 Wilko has been exhibiting and selling his work in Paternoster.