Sea-kayak trips in the area are refreshing for novice and experienced paddlers, with the focus on a holiday experience and soaking in the natural beauty of the area – a unique west-coast town surrounded by crystal-clear water and a wide variety of sea life. All trips are highly customisable to guests’ abilities and needs.

The excursion takes guests on a gentle paddle out to the rocks and between the interesting rock formations, which are similar to Boulder’s in Cape Town. The rocks are home to colonies of penguins, which nest on the rocks and have become quite accustomed to paddlers passing by on the water. The bird life in the area also includes four types of cormorants, including the rare crested and bank cormorant, oystercatchers, seagulls and also the Arctic tern, which stay in the area to breed from October to June.Departure time is usually first thing in the morning (from 7am to 9am, depending on the time of year and the weather) from the beach in front of the Paternoster Fish Market. A short beach briefing takes guests through the basics of controlling the kayak, before a beach launch gets the paddlers out onto the water. All equipment is provided and guests are given personal attention by acclaimed artist and experienced kayaker Dianne Heesom Green.

When the SW is blowing (onshore wind) and the swells are up, this kitesurfing spot is great with a perfect left and right break on the bay towards Stompneus Bay. On a SE the conditions of Paternoster are gusty and dangerous, it’s an offshore wind.

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